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11 Sep

How To Read A Book Post 1 of 6:

For a good majority of us, reading has taken up a significant part of our education and with the advent of social media, video-games, T.V and film, recreational time is torn now between the pastime of reading and escaping into a virtual reality. Both have their advantages, but for those who read recreationally it’s good to know that reading itself can actually be developed into a full blown skill. We’re inundated with a vast amount of information on a daily basis, and so we often find it easier to skim read through a text, or absorb information in smaller doses of 140 characters. Literacy will always be a timeless skill, and should be afforded to every human being. If you have the resources, develop it into something you master and share it with everyone you can. Accalaimed scholar of Islam and the liberal arts, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf provides an in-depth tutorial on the subject of reading in an effort to make it a thoroughly conscious experience, so that one might internalise rather than simply acknowledge what we read.
Copy and paste the link provided to watch Part 1 on @zaytunacollege’s Youtube Channel: goo.gl/2J5Xwj.


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