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17 Sep


“We carry the same name throughout our lives and consider ourselves a relatively stable unitry entity- but is it really right to think of ourselves as the same person?
Personal Identity –
what guarantees how we think of ourselves over a lifetime? Where is personal identity located?
A key part of what makes us, us is that we’re housed in an identical body, but if we had to lose every part of our bodies, which part would we save? Almost all of us would choose our brains, we assume implicitly that there are some parts of our bodies that are closer to the core of our identity than others.
As long as my character is the same, I could be assured that this is what makes me. A fascinating prospect is that our identities are not in our memories or our bodies, they’re in our characters.
If we have to boil personal identity down to its essence, it seems to come down to values, inclinations and temperament.”
Extracted from content provided by Alain de Botton for @theschooloflifelondon

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