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9 Sep

On Travel And Understanding:

Dhu ‘l-Qarnayn.
“Prophet, they ask you about Dhu ’l-Qarnayn. Say, ‘I will tell you something about him.’ We established his power in the land, and gave him the means to achieve everything. He travelled on a certain road; then, when he came to the setting of the sun, he found it setting into a muddy spring. Nearby he found some people and We said, ‘Dhu ’l-Qarnayn, you may choose (which of them) to punish or show kindness to.’ He answered, ‘We shall punish those who have done evil, and when they are returned to their Lord He will punish them [even more] severely, while those who believed and did good deeds will have the best of rewards: we shall command them to do what is easy for them.’ He travelled on; then, when he came to the rising of the sun, he found it rising on a people for whom We had provided no shelter from it. And so it was: We knew all about him. He travelled on; then, when he reached a place between two mountain barriers, he found beside them a people who could barely understand him.”
Qur’an | 18 : 83-93

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