Berry Dipped Hem Midi Shirt
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20 Oct


“I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of creating something and being able to actually use it. I feel like there’s nothing more expressive of your creativity and personality than the clothes you wear on your back. I know how it sounds but I sewed a pillow one time for school and it blew my mind because in the end I was going to use it!
As I got older I started having ideas of what I wanted to wear but I could never find them anywhere! Over time, more things occured to me. When I would pray at work, it would always be really difficult for me to be comfortable in the things I was praying in, for example the sleeve being too tight to clean my forearm or the tightness of my trousers around my knee distracting me from having this moment in my prayer with God. It’s just uncomfortable having your underwear show when you bend down for Sujood, like that’s my Awrah I’ve got to cover that!”
Photo provided by @subhi.taha.

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