Berry Dipped Hem Midi Shirt
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21 Oct


“In college I just started picking up my Mom’s sewing machine. I started messing around with fabrics and figuring out how patterns are made.
For me, my idea of modesty is fueled by the Sunnah. Teachings like having your pants sitting above your ankle for example, I really understand the reasoning behind it.
What’s more, when it comes to mens fashion especially, I still feel like it’s not ‘cool’ to talk about how self-conscious guys can be about their body image, and how, like many guys I know, I’m just not comfortable wearing super fitted clothes all over.
One of the guiding concepts of my brand is the idea of tradition. 17th century fashion in the Philippines and Palestine for example adheres to all of those principles of humbleness, simplicity and modesty which are the driving forces of the line, but they’re also utilitarian because their garments were made for things like farming the land, and so the aesthetic is really embedded in the religious principles of the brand and vice versa.”
Photo provided by @subhi.taha.

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