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22 Oct


“Everything is literally all done by me. One by one. It’s actually been one of the biggest challenges, but I’m really focusing on the skill of fashion and apparel design right now, being able to create things with my own hands. I just want to figure out who I am as a designer, really nailing down the brand story and overarching theme.
I asked myself, “ok chill…what’s the most important thing?”- the easy answer was “my faith”. Once I realised that, I knew where I wanted to go. In a world of fashion where “less is more”, I wanted to counterbalance that believe with a modesty line for both women and men. I always hear from fellow Muslims about how difficult it is to find appropriate clothing- I want to help make conservative apparel more easily accessible.
I’ve also been implenting the concept of modesty to interior design. Really simplyfiying my work space, my home, bedroom etc… I’ve started to surround myself with only the bare essentials. I try not to live in extravagence, minimizing the amount of things I own. It keeps my mind de-cluttered and it really helps remind me not to attach myself to the material things of this life. Whenever I do own things, I try not to spend too much on them. It’s kind of just a daily reminder to detach myself from the temporary things in life, it’s easy to get caught up in the superficial aspect of the design world. I’m able to find a greater purpose in everything I do creatively.”
Photo provided by @subhi.taha

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