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22 Oct


“Outside of this I’ve been super into my health.
I dedicate specific days to family and friends. The older you get, the more you have to start scheduling everything you do… it’s crazy. I’m also studying Arabic through learning the Qur’an. I want to get to a point where I don’t have to read the English translation, I want to be able to understand the exact words God has spoken to us, in hopes of further strengthening my relationship with him.
I also just love reading up or learning about random things that help me get out of the creative world, and studying the different Arabic Maqamat (melodies) which we use when we recite Qur’an. It’s crazy how complex it is! Another thing I’d really like to start doing is promoting environmental consciousness, I’d want to do this with the brand- I know a lot of brands that make ‘giving’ a large part of their identity and it’s beautiful.
I’ve always been the type to stress about every decision in my life and freak out about my future- when all you can really do is try your best- the rest is up to God. You can’t control the outcome, you can only control your efforts. If you put your all out there and it didn’t work out, it’s not meant to be- He has something greater planned, it’s just a matter of time before you realise what it is.”

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