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2 Oct


The Du’a al-Nasiri (The Prayer of the Oppressed) PART 2/3:
24.Be gentle with our souls in all You have decreed,
Bestow on us what pleases You in what we need.
25. Replace our state of hardship with Your gentle ease,
And guide us with Your power’s prevailing breeze,
26. And place our status over those who took our lands,
Constrain their evil now, and tightly bind their hands;
27. Overcome our foes with Your subduing might,
Unravel all their hopes, and force them to take flight;
28. Deter their evil aims, and dash their unjust plan;
Repel them from our gates, and mystify each man.
29. Be swift in justice, Lord, in this our anxious hour,
For they cannot remove an atom of Your power.
30. 0 Lord, by holding on to Your most gracious rope,
We bind it to our faith, and knot it to our hope.
31. So stand for us today, don’t counter what we try,
Forsake us not, O Lord, the blinking of an eye.
32. We’re powerless to stop this onslaught of their force,
Or strategize to benefit our country’s course.
33. We seek no good except what flows from Your wide door
And yearn for grace that comes from Your unending more.
34. All thoughts within our hearts will find serenity
Through God who fashions all by only saying: “Be!” 35. OLord, by You alone, we will achieve our end,
By You, through You, Your means to You — our only friend.
36. Sustainer of us all, O towering support,
Our Lord who grants us all defense within His fort,
37. Secure our hearts within Your glorious defense,
In restless journeys far or in our residence; 38. Protect our herds, preserve our crops, increase our gains,
And give and bless our commerce with approving rains;
39. Fill our land with good prosperity,
Release our citizens from dire poverty;
40. Establish righteous rule while granting noble station,
With high respect and dignity in every nation;
41. Hide its natural strength in guarded secret trust,
And veil its protection in a graceful, gracious mist.
42. By the sacred sounds ofsad and qqf, and holy nun,
A thousand veils enfolding to protect our land from ruin,
43. By the rank of ah the light from this Your Noble Face
And sacred estimation ofYour vast dominion’s space,
44. By the elevated rank of “There is no god but God”
And Your beloved chosen one who lived in purity, awed,
45 . By the rank of every prophet, who ever called on You,
By the rank of every saint, who ever sought from You,
46. By the rank of humanity’s blessed Pole and Pillars too, All solitary saints and inspired words 1 from You, By Imam Muhammad al-Dar’i |
Translated by Hamza Yusuf. ? Image by Hossein Zare

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