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3 Oct

PRAYERS AND POEMS: @oliviahmagazine

The Du’a al-Nasiri (The Prayer of the Oppressed) PART 3/3:
47.By the rank of those select and pious overseers,
Chosen spiritual substitutes for those departing here,
48. By the rank of faithful devotees who live in dignity,
Who praise their God in gratitude for His decree,
49. By the rank of everyone You raise to noble heights,
Among those You conceal or those You bring to light, 50. By the rank of every sign in Your Book’s revelation
And the greatest name concealed in veiled occultation, 51. Lord, we stand before You now, bereft without You, lost,
Without design or strategy, by every tempest tossed; 52. We call on You with prayers of those who are infused
With knowledge that their Lord is One who won’t refuse; 53. Accept this prayer, O Lord: with nothing but Your grace,
Remove adjust deserts and show us mercy’s face; 54. Reveal to us Your gifts, bestow on us Your favor
With kindness that befits a gentle, clement savior;
55. Envelop us, O Lord, within Your mercy’s sea,
And rain on us Your grace that falls abundantly; 56. From all ourwords and deeds, choose those thatremain
The highest and the best, so heaven is our gain; 57. O Plenitude, fill our lives and hearts with pure devotion,
In perfect harmony with Your Prophet’s generous ocean, 58. And bring to focus all our aims into a single goal:
Complete and blissful knowledge of You within our soul!
59. Let us always act, Lord, in accord with Ahmad’s way,
Directing all our hopes to a joyful Judgment Day;
60. Always lead us, Lord, to what is right and true,
The path real martyrs take and those who gaze on You;
61. Raise our children up as brave and pious scholars
Who base their days on Your sweet light as true exemplars ;
62. And unify the hearts of family and of friends,
Facilitate for us in making our amends;
63. O Lord, bestow a clear decisive victory
On all who aid this way and restore its dignity;
64. Possessor of great might, aid him and those who serve,
And fill their hearts with aspirations they deserve;
65. Aid us in the light of this Muhammad’s way,
And make its glorious end as bright as its first day;
66. Protect it through the works of its faithful and true scholars
And elevate its lights to its rightful radiant colors;
67. Pardon and forgive us, and keep us safe from ill, And all submitted ones who seek to know Your will;
68. Bestow Your lordly solace on the perfect Chosen One,
Your plenitudinous grace upon his dazzling sun; 69. Bestow on him a peace that befits his holy stature
In accordance with the pure nobility of his nature, 70. And on his noble family down the ages, everyone,
Companions, followers, every daughter, every son. 71. Praise belongs to God alone, with a praise so direct All praising seekers find their goal among the elect. By Imam Muhammad al-Dar’i |
Translated by Hamza Yusuf.

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