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8 Oct

PRAYERS AND POEMS: @oliviahmagazine

“Limbs of what was once my family lie in my arms,
My throat was stolen,
My blood screams
Seven generations tortured
Lord, send angel Azrael to guard the souls,
Let them know that they are still living
And let the living hear the anthem of something,
I know my people are here
Even though I can not see my people I can hear my people,
We are speaking as one,
The tyrant inside of me is ravenous
Forty-one year old rotting hands bedazzled With rings of oil drums
And gems of blood
Grinding at my veins
I tried to keep my mouth shut but my tongue did not have any more room For scars In the shape of my teeth!
March 2011; we have been reborn,
A social infant screaming;
‘Let us live! We will speak until throats are raw!
Until all of Syria is in the news!’ The dates will read like obituaries,
The dates are coming towards us
The dates are coming towards us
The dates , where?
The dates, The dates, The dates keep coming,
Then men are not moving!
Why are the men not moving?! Why are you not moving?
Why are you not moving?
They are all lying;
La ostata’ an taslem! [I can not give up] Lan taslem! [Don’t give up]!
You can shoot, blood, push, stab, rape, bomb, break me I will not fall!
Stalin, McCarthy, Hiroshima me, I will not fall!
Lie, shackle, battle, sweatshop me,
Refugee, water board, oppress me Textbook-capture, Tutsi me,
You will try to crack my rib shotgun,
But the bending of my knees belongs to my Lord!
Lord, allow Hades to light a fire in my chest, On days you didn’t ignite the Sun.
When nails are torn from bloody hands,
When mother is ripped from son,
When the last Damascus rose Is stripped of all her colour.
When I am left clutching out for the last mirage of a broken land,
I can not fall,
I. Will. Not. Fall.
There will be a time when we can eat together,
When we will build homes out of abandoned tanks,
Peace is a rusted recoil,
We will sip from the cups made of old grenades,
And shades of green are only worn by nature,
There will be a time when the fences choose to sit with us,
Instead of standing between us.
Written and performed by @amalthepoet & Ashlyn Damers.
Please check out the full video at: https://goo.gl/2mbGuK
? Image by Handout via Getty Images.

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