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28 Sep


The Du’a al-Nasiri (The Prayer of the Oppressed) PART 1/3:
1. O You, whose mercy is a refuge for all those
In dire need who flee to You to lose their woes,
2. O master of reprieve, whose pardon is so near,
You answer all in need; they know that You do hear!
3 . We beg for Your relief, redeemer of the weak;
You are enough for us, both humbled and so meek.
4. No strength can ever match Your awesome majesty,
No might can ever breach Your just authority.
5 . The kings all bow like us to Your great sovereignty,
You choose whom to abase or raise decisively.
6. Calamities we face are only stopped by You;
It’s in Your Hands: they are dissolved within Your view.
7. For solace in these states, we turn to You alone,
Complaining that we cannot make it on our own.
8. Be merciful with us — You know our frailty.
O You whose mercy falls like rain unceasingly,
9. Please look upon us now in all our misery,
Our state as souls oppressed displayed so openly:
10. Our numbers are reduced, our former wealth effaced, Our once exalted rank and high repute abased;
11. They think us without strength, and deem us without power,
Our numbers in their eyes seem easy to devour.
12. O You whose mighty kingdom never becomes less,
We hope to take asylum in divine largesse;
13 . Haven of the helpless, upon You we depend;
Helper of the hapless, we trust in Your godsend!
14. You are the one we call: relieve our heavy loads,
Repel our life’s travails, abolish what corrodes!
15. Your protection only, Your providence that’s true,
The door is Yours alone that everything comes through.
16. You are the only one whose bounteous door we seek,
Most generous of givers, O Lord, You are unique.
17. You bring us to the path should we all go astray
And overlook our slips when we lose our way;
18. All created things You hold in Your embrace,
With mercy and with light, the compass of Your grace.
19. Nothing in existence is able to compare
With just how base we are in mortality’s affair.
20. Oh infinite in beauty, whose endless good befalls
The creatures You have made, so answer all our calls!
21. You alone save drowning souls, so gracious with our states,
Rescuing the doomed, relieving our dire straits:
22. Constriction is increasing, there is no cure in sight,
So hasten to our needs, respond to set them right!
23. Our hands are raised to You, our palms are open wide:
We seek sincerely endless grace You do provide.
By Imam Muhammad al-Dar’i | Translated by Hamza Yusuf.
? Image provided by @therazzleroc – Please support him as he prepares to cycle 200km across the Westbank in aid of @medicalaidpal by donating to the link in his bio!

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