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7 Sep

Your Body Is An Amanah Post 2 of 6:

The term ‘Junk food’ has unfortunately become a part of our every day vocabulary. The topic is vast and must and will be examined in more detail, but in brief it’s one of the chief culprits impacting our society. It affects our cognitive ability, it affects the environment, it affects our agriculture and of course our health. Part of our ‘Junk’ society is made up of the consumption of unhealthy, processed foods that have formed part of the norm of our culture. To buy organic and whole foods is a perceivably extra expensive and tedious endeavour. Alhamdullilah, we live in an age of prosperity, with an abundance of information at our fingertips and a mass of people making a concentrated effort to try and revive the lost culture of eating well by providing sustainable, ethical and organic food. But we’re still living up to the ‘consumer society’ label we’ve been branded with. The connotations of that term carry ideas of carelessness, it strips us of our mindfulness, our awareness and our hearts. ‘Consume’ food has replaced ‘fuel’ with food. Many are ailing their health with man-made, industry focused foods, and as a result the only thing we end up fuelling are industries that are designed to keep us ill. When we eat the wrong kinds of foods, we’re blocking ourselves up in a way that stumps our ability to have our senses heightened and our spirituality grow. We will have some posts up and coming in the near future on the reality of Halal meat in today’s society. “The feet of a servant will not touch the ground until he is asked about his life and how he spent it; his knowledge and how he acted upon it; his wealth and how he acquired it and spent it and his body and how it was used”. Hadith | Tirmidhi Image by Stephanie Gonot

YouTube: bit.ly/29RcnId

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