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9 Jun


INAYAH - #INAYAHGirls Campaign


On the challenges faced by Muslim Women |
NASRA – “For young girls and women who are starting to learn about Islam and their identity as Muslim women, it can be difficult to deal with judgement and the pressures of expectation, but we can help each other through it.
If we do our best to represent ourselves and Islam with dignity and modesty these issues will be easier to deal with. Allah only expects us to do our best, while people expect far more. We have to remember that pleasing people is difficult and pleasing Allah is very easy.”


  • Lady Zorro

    Hi there!

    I’m really excited to have discovered your brand and your blog!

    I am a blogger in modest fashion and I just started wearing the veil! For me, this has been a very long journey! Only, I am so proud to be Muslim and to please Allah!

    Thank you for your articles and your products!


    13th July 2017 at 9:53 pm