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20 Sep


Maryam bint (daughter of) Imran (AS).
“The greatest woman to have walked the earth was Maryam, mother of Jesus (AS) (Eesa).
Allah (swt) says that she is an example for those who believe. Notice that Allah (swt) does not associate Maryam with Jesus (AS) in every verse of the Qur’an.
What is the wisdom of mentioning Maryam in her own right? Maryam’s greatness is not necessarily tied to Jesus (AS), in fact her name is mentioned more than Jesus (AS).
She is recognised as a woman who perfected her faith and she demonstrates for all of us how to really have Tawwakul.
An example of modesty for both men and women, all of these things Maryam excels in.” Content extracted from a lecture provided by Omar Suleiman on QURAN WEEKLY. Check out the full episode at: https://goo.gl/GftXyM

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