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18 Oct


Oliviah had the pleasure of getting in touch with YouTube star and modest-wear designer Subhi Taha earlier this year to discuss his take on ‘modesty’ and his own personal journey and contribution to the budding Islamic creative platform.
?”My full name is Subhi Feras Taha. I’m 24, born and raised in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I’m fully-heartedly Muslim. I have a mixed heritage with my father who is Palestinian and my mother, Filipina. I’m the type of person that sanitizes my credit cards, but I don’t typically take things too seriously! I’m crazy minimal in every aspect of my life- which means I love white and black and negative space! I’ve always been super creative, and I studied Visual Communication at UT-Arlington before working as a Graphic Designer at Fossil and then as a Social Media Art Director at Skagen.
I initially started my social media work on YouTube just as a hobby – posting a lot of comedy type content about being Muslim/Arab/America. Overtime, I began to get way more creative with my content on Instagram and Tumblr. I wouldn’t really consider myself a blogger, but it’s definitely a place where all my imagery and content lives!”
Photo provided by @subhi.taha.

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